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September 18, 2006

AlterNation is at the spa…

The editorial spa, that is. Ready for its massage, quick trim and other pampering delights by our lovely editor at F&W. It’s already listed on Amazon, by the way. Isn’t that hilarious? Available for preorder before it was even turned over to the publisher. I made it in on deadline, this very morning, despite deaths in the family (yes, now there have been two), project deadlines for other books and the sweet, sweet temptation of the following website:

See Eunny Knit is my new favorite knitting blog. She knits! she spins! she designs! she says things like “Seriously, I wish they’d hurry up and invent squeeze-o-vision already — I want everyone to give it a pinch.” about her handspun! What’s not to love? I am drooling over her new Bayerische sock, and even the Mason Dixonites have fallen for her Print O’ the Wave stole. Also, she’s got a great eye for color.

CrochetMe‘s fall issue is up, which means Kim will be back to normal sanity levels soon (I kid, Kim — I’m hardly the one to lecture after this past month). Time to get pumped up for the fall book tour. It starts in a mere 2 weeks — look out, Toronto! You can find all the tour dates here or on our MySpace tour page here. Also, I’m flying AirCanada for the first time — do they have Tim Horton’s on the plane?

(Sorry. Lame Canada joke in line with my last one: wearing a “If I had a dollar for every time I had 60 cents, I’d be Canada” shirt from Toothpaste for Dinner to Lettuce Knit last year. Don’t get me wrong — I adore Canada! I’d move there in a heartbeat, joining American yarn-expats such as Amy, Amy, Kim and Kate, aka She of the Magical Clapotis).

At the same time, a virtual blog tour for Spin to Knit will be kicking off in various online locations. I’ll post the full schedule when the last 2 dates are confirmed. Just wait ’til you see who’s interviewing me from Chicago…

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  • j.

    Except you\’d have to edit your t-shirt. 89 cents! Woo!

    (Hey, what happened to all the US tourists?)

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