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January 29, 2007

A Knit At The Movies

Cute article on knitting at the movies in Scotland:

It sounds unlikely, but knitting at the movies could become Glasgow’s coolest new trend.

Wool buffs are venturing out from behind closed doors to indulge in a special knitting night at Stefan King’s cinema in the trendy West End.

Dozens are taking their number fours away from the fireside and into the Grosvenor Cinema in Ashton Lane for Tuesday knit at the movies.

The unusual gathering will take place on January 30 and was the brainchild of Katherine Walker, who runs K1 Yarns Knitting Boutique in the West End.

Hey, I brought my knitting when we went to see Sin City in the theatre… why not?

In “ooh! pretty!” news, check this out: a cardiganized Sweet with collar by Ellen Bloom. Pattern by Amy dearest is here if you want one, too.

Speaking of crochet (knit, too — especially socks), Crystal Palace has two amazing new yarns called Panda Cotton and Bamboozle. They’re 55% bamboo, 24% cotton and 21% elastic nylon. Panda Cotton is the perfect weight for socks or crochet, and Bamboozle is slightly thicker. Every sample knit in either yarn at TNNA was just yummy. If you’re a sock person, you should also check out Panda Wool, which is 46% bamboo, 43% wool and 11% nylon. When Amy and I were poking all the skeins and samples, the closest comparison we we could come up with was Cascade Fixation, except the swatch texture is not so nubbly. Bamboozle would probably be a really nice substitution for Fixation in Jenna’s Knitgrrl 2 tank top pattern, too.

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  • Sally Black

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    Wooly because this trip isn’t just about knitting…It’s about
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    Reply to Sally Black

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