Yarn soothes all hurtiness

by Shannon on August 4, 2008

First of all, I am losing my mind here. It seems everyone in the universe (ok, ok, my friend Julie and my agent) has a hard copy preview of Alt Fiber in their hot little hands except me! This is worrying. Has the UPS driver stolen the box? (Don’t laugh — the TSA stole copies of Knitgrrl out of my luggage once). Also, my lower leg is a mass of bruises and I wrenched both knees in an unfortunate water pistol escapade last week. My new best friends are my collection of ice packs.

S’ok. I’ve got yarn to comfort me, too. Specifically, I’ve got Malabrigo sock yarn (the green and pink skeins on top) aka what most people are calling OMG MALABRIGO SOCK YARN (though that isn’t its official name — you can see some knit up here on Mary-Heather’s blog), Dream in Color Smooshy (the larger, mossy green skein — its name is apt) and the aforementioned Plymouth tweed that I’m knitting away on for my latest pattern:

I love it when the roses are out in front of our store:

Finally, if you’re in northeast Ohio or planning to be, come to Katherine Shaughnessy’s workshop at Stitch Cleveland. Details here. We have lots of crewel yumminess happening at the moment. It’s great stuff for embroidering on felt, FYI.

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Pandorasslave August 4, 2008 at 7:11 pm

I am sorry to hear that you’re all hurty muffin!

But on the bright side, Smooshy makes it all better. (i was playing with it while being a physical therapist for my grandmother, so I really know…)

I would be really sad if your preview copy of Alt Fiber was stolen by a mail delivery person, or anyone else for that matter…but I’m sure you will get one soon enough.

Cheers, and take it easy!

Rosemary August 5, 2008 at 9:09 am

Ooh. I’m off to a bookstore today to look for Alt Fiber in the wild. And I’m on my way to Ohio–for a happy occasion this time. If I have time, I’ll drag D by Stitch on Saturday.

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