April 3, 2006

23 pounds

I just dispatched twenty-three pounds of felted goodness to Interweave via UPS. Here’s a conversation Heather and I had yesterday after we packed up the box (yes, we were somewhat giddy from wool fumes):

“We made a book.”
“We did.”
“We made a book.”
We made a book.

Let the editing commence! Believe me, there is no feeling quite as amazing as sending out that big box. Last time, I calculated the box I sent contained over 4 miles of yarn. This time, we knit a toddler! (23 pounds is about the weight of your average 2-year-old, if I’m reading the charts correctly).

Keep the submissions coming, thanks. I’m taking an hour off to play with the dog and cat…they’ve been so patient through this entire process…but I’ll be back soon.

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  • kristi

    that’s a lot of felt. now if you actually made a lifesized toddler from felt, i’d be really impressed… or worried. have yourself a little book is finished party. and rejoice that that 23 lobs of stuff is out of your house!

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  • Joanna

    Hi, just came here from Knitty where I read your great article about dye in the dishwasher, and I have to ask a question about the dye pot used in this method. Can it and the collander be used for food after this adventure?

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