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April 24, 2007

2100 miles

That’s how many I drove in the past week. Really. From Cleveland to the farthest reaches of Ontario through a mini-blizzard (in April! sheesh!), down through Vermont to Massachusetts, and back home via Pittsburgh. Along the way I got to see Pippi and Natasha, and many other exciting things. I’ll post photos later. Right now I have to catch up on emails, cleaning and unpacking.

Coming soon! I’ll have a booth in the Bazaar Bizarre area, I’m demo-ing short versions of my spinning and thrift store knitting classes, and Cecily and I are running the learn to knit and crochet booth, too. If you drop by the Faire to say hello, don’t be surprised if I’ve got raccoon rings under my eyes, I get the sense it’s going to be non-stop crazy.

That’s (sing along to the disco stylings of K.C. and the Sunshine Band) the way — uh huh, uh huh — I like it.

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