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October 19, 2009

Your daily wool workout

Last week I wet-felted about 60 4×4′ sheets, and I’m hoping to finish up the rest tomorrow without further ankle incidents (note: floors dotted with soapy water are slippery even if you are wearing your boyfriend’s LL Bean boots). After rinsing out the excess soap, putting them through a spin cycle and hanging them to dry in my basement all weekend, which looked like it was haunted by very woolly ghosts, I packed up about 20 pounds of felt sheets and dragged them back to the studio for cutting today.

It’s probably not going to show up on a workout DVD anytime soon — unless I make one, we were kidding about this during Felt School, what with all the upper body effort rolling wet felt — but wet felting is the new yoga.

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist that joke).

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  • kerrie

    And these are all going to become what? xx

    Reply to kerrie
  • Post authorShannon

    You’ll see… 😉

    Scarves, some other garments and accessories, etc. Now that the felting is done, let the wild dyeing rumpus start!

    Reply to Shannon

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