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April 15, 2005

You might be a fiber artist if…

…your dyed hair has roots, but you spend all day figuring out new ways to dye wool!

In this case, I took my dishwasher-dyeing to the oven. The silvery-grey fleece was packed into Reynolds oven bags, already pre-wetted. I added heated water / dissolved One Shot dyes in a thick slurry, and topped it off with more hot water. Then, I sealed each bag and popped them into a 325 degree oven for a little over an hour.

Note to self: (and you, if you want to try this)

Make sure there’s enough water to cover ALL the fiber in the bag. The green dye bag didn’t have quite enough, and so there is a bit of fleece that’s “greenish” but not fully green. It might make an interesting heathery effect when carded and spun, though. The persimmon dye struck really nicely, in shades from light rose pink to practically black-purple. This fleece is earmarked for a sweater I have planned.

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