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November 19, 2008

Yarn + domestic violence?

Oh, Cleveland. Only in my hometown could the forces of good (yarn) be turned so horribly awry. You know, like Emperor Palpatine or something:

A Stark County husband is facing a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. He is accused of trying to shove a ball of yarn into his wife’s mouth.

The wife also accuses her 55-year-old husband of trying to flip her off the chair she was sitting in. The woman is ok.

Police Chief Harley Neftzer says a dispute over the upcoming holidays apparently lead to the incident. The chief does not recall any prior problems at the residence.

(link — thanks to Nancy for the heads up!)

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  • karen

    I can’t imagine how that didn’t make the local news here in Canton!? That street mentioned is mighty close to Yarnia.

    Reply to karen
  • carrie

    indeed it is close to yarnia… and my house :-O. and i know Harley, too!

    Reply to carrie
  • Mel

    I have a vague recollection of a Domestic in England that resulted in the husband/boyfriend being stabbed with a knitting needle.

  • julie

    We have a local story going on here where a woman has been starving her step daughter. The story revealed that she is a knit blogger, so tons of people found her blog and left hate posts.

    Reply to julie
  • Post authorShannon

    I heard about that one briefly, Julie… ugh! The one article I read was just itching for a fight, painting knitters as crazy, stash-obsessed selfish beeyatches. Umm, yeah, but not in THAT way. Starving a kid is a little more out there than hoarding Malabrigo sock yarn when you don’t actually knit socks. (Cough cough. Guilty as charged).

    Reply to Shannon
  • Veselka

    Wow. I didn’t know Cleveland was in Stark County.

    Reply to Veselka
  • Post authorShannon

    It’s not, but this story happened within the larger metropolitan area.

    Reply to Shannon

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