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April 6, 2009


I got the dozens upon dozens of signed copies of AlterNation packed into envelopes with the help of both Xan and my mom this weekend, and dragged them (the car was FULL) to the post office this morning. For the record: I love my Dymo label printer and would probably marry it if I wasn’t already taken. Also, there is no better way on earth to get people to hate you with a fiery passion than to be That Girl With Well Over 100 Packages To Send. It was fun. The USPS receipt is well over one yard long, I should take a photo of that.

And now it’s snowing. So much for spring.

I’ve been on a pattern-writing binge lately, trying to clear the decks and get some of these in-perpetual-limbo stuff out the door and into the tech editor’s hands, Maize, for sure, but also a few others. I was all spring-cleany til the snow started, in fact. Now I am just angry at the weather. But it’s not as if I lack for things to do indoors, believe me.

Have you ever been so angry at a knitted item that you just don’t want to do what has to be done with it? Yeah. (Ulrike, I am looking at you). If I am feeling slightly less stabby later I might have a go at the less-than-4-inches, but an-annoying-four-inches that has to be reknit…

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  • ysolda

    Heh – I was the girl with over 800 packages! Strangely my post office love me 😀

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  • Bess

    I love Cleveland weather and snow and I generally give anyone who disagrees a stirring oration on the glories of living in an ever-changing landscape where the weather is never boring and always a new topic of conversation… but today, no, I’m busy worrying that my flowers are croaking.

    Also, the annoying 4 inches always seem to turn into 4 yards of the world’s slowest knitting.

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  • Lisa

    I was at the PO today and was behind a woman with two oversized garbage bags of tiny little boxes to be mailed…must be the day for large mailings! Wouldn’t have been so bad, but the other clerk was working on a passport app with someone, and the third lady kept wandering off and not waiting on anyone! It was very frustrating. LOL

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  • Judy J

    You do know that you can print postage and have them pick stuff up at your house, right? It’s easy. :>) http://www.usps.com

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  • Post authorShannon

    Media Mail + PayPal acting up + my mailman is evil = no go, Judy! 🙂

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