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July 28, 2005

Wheels on Fire

(Depending on your age, this post’s title will invoke a Bob Dylan memory, a Siouxsie and the Banshees memory or the AbFab theme song. With me, it’s Siouxsie all the way).

I’m stumped. The spinning book needs a title, and I don’t like the provisional one, the more I think about it. But I was permanently scarred by that 1980s song by Dead or Alive, and as soon as I hear the word “spin,” my brain starts humming “you spin me right round, baby right round, like a record baby…”

Any ideas?

In other news: if you like pirates (and who doesn’t?), you should check out The Black Stitch, probably the only knitting website with swashbuckling pirate content these days. (Not unlike 826 Valencia, San Francisco’s only independent pirate supply store).

Someone needs to knit a Jolly Roger flag…you could use the Skully motif from Debbie Stoller’s book!

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  • Kim

    It’s a beginner book, right? … Give it a Whorl or Take a Whorl. (Even cheesier: Give it a Ply. Heh.)

    Tail Spin gets the song out of my head; not sure why. Man, I LOVE that song. Although I can imagine how it would drive me nuts if I were constantly thinking about spinning.

  • Marnie

    How about “Twisted”? I think it’d make a funny spinning book title, but then again, I’m a little twisted myself.

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  • shannon

    Ohhh…I like all of those, but “Twisted” is my current favorite. (And I am, too, Marnie…I am, too…)


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  • Tanya

    I loved the Black Stitch link – too funny. “World Turning” by Fleetwood Mac is a current fav of mine. I do like “you spin me round” but the song has a tendancy to get stuck in my head. I like twisted too though. Or how’s about Whorled Peace? I like Wheels on Fire too. Oh, gosh its late and my brain is fried…


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  • kathyb

    How about Spinsnips? I guess you never spin backwards, but spins the other way rounds is snips.

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