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January 17, 2005

Welcome Back, Knitter!

(Apologies for the lame 1970s TV reference!)

This summer, the software (more specifically, the database) which held all my knitblog entries crashed. Since I was in the middle of writing the Knitgrrl books, I didn’t have time to fix it…until now!

When the blog began, in 2002, it was hosted at another one of my personal domains. I’ve moved it here to Knitgrrl.com so that all my new friends on the Knitgrrl mailing list and those who read my forthcoming books will have it at their fingertips, along with other book-related stuff. Unfortunately, the problem with the database caused me to lose all 2.5 years’ worth of your fabulous comments. (What a bummer!)

Let’s start fresh, shall we? I’m glad to be back.

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  • rachel m

    welcome back indeed. i think i met you, briefly, at the knit wit party last fall. you told me about cleveland snb (which i have yet to be able to make it to) (i just ended a sentence with a preposition with). anyway. welcome back. yay.

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  • shannon

    Hi Rachel! Yes, we did meet at the Knit Wit party — try to make it to snb on 8 February for the anniversary event, it should be great!

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  • gaile

    Yay, welcome back! Can’t wait to hear more about the books!

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  • Theresa

    Welcome back! I got my first (working) spinning wheel in the mail from the Netherlands just a day or so ago – perfect timing! :O) You’re a source of much inspiration…

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