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January 2, 2009


My Friday-that-feels-like-a-Monday workday:

  • Wake up and take Tamas to the train.
  • Pour coffee, log on.
  • Commission designs for upcoming Yarn Forward issues
  • Catch glimpse of self huddled in scarf because it’s cold and realize… hey! warp and weft match the violet and blonde in my new hair! And the lavender stripe in the Fair Isle cardigan matches the lighter bits!
  • Photos, photos, photos…in front of an art piece by my Dad, previously seen here a post ago

The results?

Can I just say I love this color? Also, this violet has been approved by Miss Violet, and she know from shades of purple. We all need a little extra color here in the middle of winter, don’t you think?

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  • Amber

    I love that violet, it truly is gorgeous! And you just totally reminded me I have a sketch to send along to you as an idea for some possible future YarnForward 🙂

    Perhaps while it’s slow at work today 😉

    Reply to Amber
  • denny in t.o.

    well well well ,look at you lookin’ as cute as a button. Happy New Year.
    You are going to be a busy one this year. Good luck with everything. kiss kiss girlfriend. love your Denny0x0x0x

    Reply to denny in t.o.
  • beverly

    Love your new color! I had green streaks put in this fall, and they make me soooo happy!

    Reply to beverly
  • Lisa

    I do love the violet in your hair! I’ve being doing it the other way around lately…a red/violet base color with blonde highlights. Fun! 🙂

    Reply to Lisa

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