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December 18, 2007

Wanted: intern

Said intern’s duties will include:

  • Cross-referencing my knit magazines against Interweave’s online pattern store to keep me from buying dozens of patterns I already own. Like this one.
  • Reminding me to eat.
  • Entering all my yarn into Ravelry so I have some idea of what’s in the stash.
  • Figuring out what on earth all the unlabeled skeins are so they can be entered into Ravelry.
  • Strangling me when they realize just how many unlabeled skeins there are.
  • Entering all my needles into Ravelry.
  • Stomping off in frustration when they realize how many needles are missing their mate and just how many full Denise sets I own.

Ok, scratch that, I guess I know what I’ll be doing on Christmas in order to get the studio back in some reasonable semblance of order.

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  • kristi

    i am so impressed by your putting your mania to good use! I trust you collapsed mightily and then woke and dined on the sumptuous treats.

    Reply to kristi
  • bubbo

    would said intern be allowed to rifle through your underpants drawer and steal things from the fridge?

    Reply to bubbo
  • Milly

    Do you offer dental?
    If so I’m there!

    Reply to Milly
  • Post authorShannon

    Fridge: no, on account of the fact it might be considered a biohazard by OSHA. But if you want to rifle through any other drawer in the house, Bubbo, have at it! ‘Course, you won’t actually be able to FIND anything, since only I know where everything is, but whatever floats your boat…

    Milly — the dog has better dental coverage than I do, sadly enough. Maybe the boyfriend can adopt you and put you on as our kid? 😉

    Reply to Shannon
  • Helen

    Isn’t your above definition that of ‘spouse’?

    Reply to Helen
  • Post authorShannon

    Come on, Helen — he wouldn’t organize his own magazines, let alone mine. And he’d probably leave the yarn drawers open so the cats could get at them!

    Reply to Shannon

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