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July 4, 2006

Uncommon Threads & a cool NYT article

At last! Air dates for Uncommon Threads! You may be interested in episode

The gals of Anezka Handmade are tying their projects in with an old accessory — a tie! Shannon Okey sews and embroiders a tie; Alexandra Underhill turns 15 ties into a skirt; and Rae Nester creates a wrist cuff out of a tie.

That one will air 4 August at 10:30 a.m. Eastern on the DIY Network. I don’t see any of our other episodes listed yet, but will let you know when they are. Crochet Me Kim Werker & friends have a few episodes up as well, but I can’t seem to load the DIY Network site right now.
Thanks, Jillian, for pointing out this article (Craft Work) in the New York Times. Here’s a representative quote:

Still, the more popular crafting becomes, the more crafters see mass goods in mainstream retailers that mimic the handmade look. This is part of the reason that Faythe Levine, who runs Paper Boat Boutique and Gallery in Milwaukee and coordinates that city’s Art vs. Craft fair, has begun filming a documentary that frames the contemporary craft movement as being partly descended from the indie-driven culture of zines and punk rock. Levine views the story of D.I.Y. crafting as one of building an alternative to mainstream consumption — not as a lifestyle trend. She also points out that this is an “art movement” that is dominated by female artist- entrepreneurs. “We’re talking thousands of women,” she says. “It’s really impressive, and powerful.”

It is! They kick off the article with an introduction to Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane (I’ve got one of her toy cauliflowers staring down at me from a shelf in my studio even as I type). If you aren’t familiar with My Paper Crane, you should be. Her yarn is as fun as the other great stuff she sells.

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