July 14, 2010

TNNA video interview

Just posted on LetsKnit2Gether — me being interviewed from the show floor at TNNA about the book, Stitch Cooperative and lots of other good stuff. If I look overheated and tired, it’s because I really, really was… me + summer do not go well together.

Thanks, Cat! For more on this episode, see here.

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  • Deborah

    Great interview, Shannon! I’d recommend your new book to any budding designer!

    Reply to Deborah
  • karen

    Shannon, great interview. Very informative and you interacted wonderfully with your interviewer. Just got a copy of your book in the mail and can’t wait to dive in.

    Reply to karen
  • Bonne Marie

    Great interview! And Shannon, you have a voice like a butterscotch sundae…

    Reply to Bonne Marie
  • Suzanne

    Here from Cat’s show, actually. The interview got me excited about your projects and pattern stuff so I’m checking everything out. Even with the overheating and things (I didn’t notice!), you looked like a happy professional.

    Reply to Suzanne

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