June 28, 2010

This review almost made me cry

Myra Wood, on The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design.
If you’re considering starting your career or business in any area of the fiber/needlework industry you need this book.
If you’re already working in any area of the fiber/needlework industry, you need this book.
If you’ve been struggling to find all of the answers about the business in one helpful resource, you need this book.
If you want to help your business grow and need ideas for ways to diversify, you need this book.
And lastly but certainly not by the least, if you’re already a seasoned pro and think there’s nothing new to learn, you need this book.
Shannon Okey’s comprehensive guide to the professional world of fiber is the best mentorship anyone could hope for. Her straight-forward, easily accessible, step-by-step approach walks you through every aspect of the business with the most current information available.
Pattern writing and sales, copyright issues, publishing, distribution, online & traditional marketing and everything else you need to know or never realized you didn’t know to be a successful and growing element in this fast paced, burgeoning industry is all covered with great honesty and candor. Shannon also includes invaluable examples and templates for book and teaching proposals along with a comprehensive online resource guide for your complete professional training.
Along with many quotes directly from experts in their own areas, this guide includes interviews with over 2 dozen top designers/publishers/teachers and others who discuss how they got to where they are and how they see the industry changing.
Thank you, Shannon, for compiling the best resource available for everyone in our industry. I truly believe this book will raise the level of professionalism and raise the bar for the future.

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  • Denise

    oooooh I need this book! But I am broke and the hubs is now unemployed.. need an indentured servant to come clean up your studio or something? I can work it off! heheh

    Reply to Denise
  • Isabelle

    Now that’s not fair! I’m waiting for my copy in the mail, I can’t wait to read it 🙂

    Reply to Isabelle
  • Bethany

    I received my copy two days ago and I’m already halfway through it. It really is fabulous. I love the practical advice but the interviews are my favorite part.

    Reply to Bethany

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