January 17, 2009

This is what happens…

…when you unleash the knitters on San Diego:

Tara, Miriam and I grabbed one to the dinner Marly had organized, and Amy and Mary-Heather couldn’t resist. First, they ran along the sidewalk snapping photos. Then, they hired a pedicab of their own. Then, our drivers (pedalers?) had a crazy little race. This is the best photo of the bunch.

Oh, also, Miriam and I declared our undying love for Norah Gaughan to her face. Vodka + the rest of the ‘fashion’ show might have had something to do with how that came about. By the time her garments came out we were SO thankful to see something that awesome, I think we would have stuffed $20 bills into her pants pockets given half a chance. Norah rocks.

(We did cheer loudly when Stefanie‘s garments came on stage, though).

There were knitted boxer shorts…get that around your brain (then flush it with rubbing alcohol, eh?). At least it wasn’t LYS Cougar Central in the audience this time, like the one show where the male models got catcalled from the audience. Yes, really.

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