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March 8, 2005

The Opinionated Knitter

Consider this the only book on my personal wishlist right now: Elizabeth Zimmermann’s The Opinionated Knitter, available from Schoolhouse Press. (If you were already thinking of placing an order at Knitpicks.com, they have it as well).

By the numbers: 83 color photos, 26 black and white photos, 42 designs, 38 different knitters reknit classic EZ designs anew, and 15 “new” articles and stories from Elizabeth’s journals and notebooks!

If you haven’t yet encountered Zimmermann’s writing (for example, her “Digressions”, in the book Knitting Around), you’re in for a surprise. She wrote as well as she knitted!

Alas, we were forced to cut the tribute section to EZ in the Knitgrrl books, but don’t let that keep you from learning more about this amazing woman…and astonishing knitter! I think knitting just one or two of her “patterns” (in quotes because they’re never patterns, so much as guidelines) is like an entire knitting class in one fell swoop. You learn so much about structure, and the best part of all — how to think for yourself as a knitter.

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