April 6, 2012

The most boring person alive

I try not to have too many aaaaaagh I am swamped aaaaaagh posts here (seriously, who needs that?), but it has just been that kind of year so far! We’ve got an immense Cooperative Press photoshoot next weekend, so I feel like the only things I’ve done for weeks on end are:

  • planning for photoshoot stuff (honestly, it’s the worst part, and super-detail-oriented, which fries your brain)
  • working on taxes (I have not one but two accountants working with me now…TWO…one’s done my business taxes for ages, the other is a friend-turned-CPA who’s gotten our my accounting system up and running)
  • trying to get a new shopping cart setup done for CP that has some new features (which a programmer is working on)
  • trying to figure out how to accomplish all the stuff listed in the previous post

…and all while continuing to run the day-to-day business stuff of pattern sales, class sales, customer service, shipping, editing books that are going to press, la la la. Even with help from the sainted Elizabeth, it’s a lot!
So last night I said the hell with this and volunteered to help out my friend Dott at an event at SPACES, an alternative art gallery here in Cleveland that does a lot of very cool things. I needed to get out of my own head for a while. For five whole hours I got to forget my daily to-dos, because it was so crazy busy (the event had dozens of artists creating art live in front of a packed gallery, which then had to be bagged, tagged, put on the wall and sold — I did some of that, and also staffed the front desk for a while).
It was intense, but strangely, calming. Exit my overthinking brain stage right, you know?
Remember Baltyka?

She’s been languishing for a while waiting for more yarn (which I now have), so I’m hoping to get her done in time for the photoshoot…hey, a girl can dream. And besides, there will be models at the ready to wear it!
LOOK! KNITTING! on a knitting blog. It’s a miracle! I’ll stop whining now.
I’ll stop whining, and I’ll also point out that for those of you with tax refunds on the way (sadly I am not among you), the Cooperative Press sock/mitt club is still taking signups.

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  • Margaret

    Me too. Aggghhhhh! I’m trying in earnest, though, to finish sock #2 of Karira from, ahem, 2010.

    Reply to Margaret
  • Elizabeth

    We’re getting a refund and I wish, wish, wish I could join the sock club, but we have too many home repairs that desperately need doing.
    Sometimes a little whine helps us feel better.

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Post authorShannon

    Oh, I know how that goes, too. The downstairs carpet is GOING and the floor getting refinished (if it needs it — who knows what’s lurking under there?) this year if it kills me. And don’t get me started on the yard…

    Reply to Shannon

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