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May 21, 2004

The best thing about knitting / DIY is…

Watch Knitty Gritty on DIY, starting 2 July 2004, featuring Ruby Goes Retro's Vickie!…the people you meet. I am so looking forward to Knitty Gritty, a new show on the DIY network featuring none other than Ruby Goes Retro‘s Vickie! You can check out some fabulous behind the scenes footage here. I’ll be in Michigan on my best friend’s new plot of land when the show debuts 2 July (planting pawpaws, lavender, and more) but you know my VCR will be set! Isn’t that an great photo of Vickie, by the way?

You’re all going to tune in, right? RIGHT? Good.

The next two weeks are critical:

My store goes live, alongside our very first national ad, in Venus. I’m photographing store items on a near constant basis (believe me, if you could wear out a copy of Photoshop, mine would look like acidwash jeans right now).

I’ll be selling at Ladyfest Ohio‘s craft and zine fair Monday the 31st (stop by if you’re in Columbus!).

I’m looking at real estate suitable for an artists’ cooperative gallery / retail / performance space here in Cleveland, and at organizing the co-op board that would run it.

I continue to work on books, related projects & more, writing-wise…

What? Sleep? What’s that? You do what?

You close your eyes and just… stay in bed for a while? Is it like a power nap? Oh. It’s longer? Who would have thought of such a thing?

Ok, I guess I’ll give it a try. Good night!

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