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April 6, 2007

Tempting technology

(And by that, I mean the technology itself is tempting, not that I am tempting it to do something…although sometimes I’ve wondered when the system slows down to a crawl)

I’ve been converting various TV appearances and such from TiVo+DVR to iMovie/iDVD and iPod-sized video. Why now? Because I finally replaced my 4-year-old iPod with a new video model. Its hard drive is bigger than the one in my laptop! And I’ve got my entire music collection on it (with room to spare for Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes), all my contacts, and my calendar. It’s an entertainment center and a PDA. This will come in handy when I’m on my mini-teaching tour next week.

Today we have a meeting with a potential landlord. Enough people know about this now that I should probably go public with it: I’m opening a new studio/workshop space here in Cleveland with two partners. We’ll be offering classes in a variety of subjects, everything from all levels of sewing to (of course) knitting, spinning, felting and other fiber arts. My summer interns and assistants will also have a place to work that’s not my home studio — hurray, no more feeling guilty if the house is a mess!

The space we’re currently considering makes sense in a lot of ways, although there are two other competing spaces that are larger. (Decisions, decisions). This is another reason I’ve been so distracted lately — apart from working on the overhaul of my shop site and meeting various book deadlines, I’ve been on a hunt for Just The Right Location at a Price That Will Not Make Me Cry.

I’ll announce when it’s open and hopefully put up some photos once the contracts are all signed. I know my partner Megan is just itching to paint, so maybe you’ll get a before-and-after!

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  • Lucy

    Best of luck with the new venture! I’m jealous. I really covet a dye studio that is not my kitchen.
    Also, I just got a look at Guido’s review copy of the new felting book and it is beeeaauuutiful!

    Reply to Lucy
  • Kim

    Cool idea! I can’t wait for photos. Fingers crossed.

  • Felicia

    Technology is truly amazing, isn’t it! Glad you left room for Buffy. 😉

    Reply to Felicia

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