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November 22, 2006

Sweater brainstorming

What I do when I get an idea for a sweater…

This is, of course, that Pippi Knee Socks “Leaf Peepers” yarn, with some complimentary stuff. I’m thinking about doing some Fair Isle or intarsia with hand-dyed stuff (the currently-white yarn at the bottom) to go along with it…maybe work in some more colors from Leaf Peepers and some brighter oranges and greens.

Perhaps I’ll even use what’s left of Autumn Roadside (which you may remember from the cover of Spin to Knit). It’s got orange and green, both of which would come in handy, and a bit of rose, too.

You may be wondering how I plan to reconcile such great differences in yarn weights. Patience, grasshopper. I have a really good idea but need to test it first.

This is another variation I’m considering…

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  • emmajane


    I love the first combination!

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  • Kim

    Pretty pretty.

  • pippi

    I’ll be on the edge of my seat over here!

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  • Beth

    Hi Shannon,
    I couldn’tfind an email address for you – probably due to brain lameness.
    I have a spinning store in Howell, MI called the Spinning Loft. I love your book and was wondering how I could go about having you come and do something spinning related at my shop. The shop website is http://www.spinningloft.us.
    I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.
    Beth Smith

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