June 17, 2011

Superschwag post-TNNA giveaway!

June TNNA is probably the biggest event of the knit-professional’s calendar every year, and although it is a ton of fun, it is also a ton of WORK! It’s particularly joyous when you can pack in some extra time with friends and colleagues where you don’t feel like you’re “on the clock.” For the past few years, Marly Bird of Yarn Thing has been throwing a big party for designers that fills that particular need. This year was even bigger and better than usual, since Marly and her fabulous assistant Jolene lined up some spectacular sponsors! XRX/Stitches, Namaste, you name it.

(Speaking of Stitches — you do know I’m teaching at Stitches East this year, right? Sign up quick before the classes sell out!)
I want to share some of the joy with you, and hence this giveaway, which includes a black Namaste Laguna bag, a huge assortment of Hiya Hiya needles, a Craftsy tapemeasure, and hand-dyed yarn by Knitgrrl (me!), as well as a selection of Cooperative Press books. Everyone on the Cooperative Press and Knitgrrl mailing lists gets an extra entry in the giveaway, so if you’re not already a member of those, get on it! They’re low-volume and we never share your info with anyone.
Many, many thanks to Namaste and Hiya Hiya, and to everyone else who sponsored the fun at TNNA this year!
If you love Namaste bags, why not double your chances and also enter this giveaway over at Andi’s blog? She’s got an eggplant one up for grabs along with some other great stuff.
To enter my giveaway, click here and answer 10 quick questions about indie publishing that’ll help me focus CP’s efforts going forward… Don’t forget you get an extra entry if you’re a member of the CP or Knitgrrl mailing lists, but it’s not enough just to be a member of the lists — the double entry only counts if you also take the poll!

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  • Angelica

    How exciting! What a fantastic giveaway. I joined the mailing list and took the survey. I want as much of a chance to win as possible. 🙂 Thanks!

    Reply to Angelica
  • Debbie

    Wow, I’m glad that you can’t see me salivating over this fabulous giveaway. Just took the survey and I’m on the mailing list. Thanks!

    Reply to Debbie
  • vickie b

    I joined the mailing list and took the survey

    Reply to vickie b
  • Cassie

    Oh my what a wonderful looking bag!! I’ve always wanted to try the hiyahiya needles. *drool*

    Reply to Cassie
  • Shannon

    Incredible giveaway and a very interesting survey. I would love to see the possibility it asks about come to life. I am also a subscriber so I’m hoping there will be follow up updates!
    Oh, I just love that bag!!!!!

    Reply to Shannon
  • Margo

    I took the survey and joined the mailing list.

    Reply to Margo
  • The Sexy Knitter

    DUDE. I was AT that dinner and I’m still tempted to enter your giveaway! Hmm, I suppose that would be greedy, wouldn’t it…
    Taking your survey anyway, just to help out! 🙂

    Reply to The Sexy Knitter
  • Ann

    GREAT GIVE AWAY!!!! I’ve signed on all mailinglists – and went to Andi’s blog too!

  • Sherri

    Took the poll & am on both mailing lists!
    What a great giveaway!

    Reply to Sherri
  • Jennie, javajennie on Ravelry

    Took the survey and I’m on your list!

    Reply to Jennie, javajennie on Ravelry
  • Mim

    What a fantastic giveaway. I filled out the survey and I’m already subscribed.

  • Unity

    I’m already a subscriber to your blog and just took the survey. Someone will be very happy when this is over. 🙂

    Reply to Unity
  • Cheekyredhead (AKA Christine)

    Not sure if my last comment posted. If there’s anything from the goody bag that I can’t use I have a new knitting student who can!

    Reply to Cheekyredhead (AKA Christine)
  • Leticia Hernandez

    Survey tooken! I am subscriber to your awesome site. So glad you had fun at TNNA. Also….re-tweeted, cuz I like to share!

    Reply to Leticia Hernandez
  • Anne

    I am tickled with the giveaway–somehow, even with all the needles I have, I wind up having to buy another. Like today, for my lace class, I did not have a #6 24″ bamboo circular. Yup, I bought another circular needle(and I love HiyaHiya, too. Bought the small interchangeable set). Someday I will make it to one of the big festivals–on my bucket list!!

    Reply to Anne
  • Marsha

    My tiger blood is anemic. I need to be a winner!

    Reply to Marsha
  • Angie H.

    I did the survey and love your patterns too!

    Reply to Angie H.
  • caitlin

    oh, what a generous giveaway! i took the survey.
    i love it! thanks

    Reply to caitlin
  • Rebecca

    Just took the survey and joined the mailing lists. Thanks for the opportunities!

    Reply to Rebecca
  • margie cortina

    What an awesome giveaway! I’m still a newbie and would love to add to my stash to get me motivated to keep learning and trying new things!
    I’m all signed up already! Who wouldn’t be 😉
    Thanks much! margie

    Reply to margie cortina
  • Indigo

    What an interesting survey and what a lovely giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Reply to Indigo
  • CaroleP (ohio

    How exciting! I’m an older knitter and could use some new items – Namaste bag, needles (Hiya Hiya), always yarn and of course like everyone, my tape measure is always missing when I need it. Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter.
    Glad you had a good time at TNNA!

    Reply to CaroleP (ohio
  • Monica d

    Outstanding prize package! Thank you for the opportunity to enter for a chance to win. I took the poll and am on your mailing list!

    Reply to Monica d
  • HarpaJ

    I joined the list and completed the survey 🙂

    Reply to HarpaJ
  • Kathleen Curtis

    I joined the mailing list and completed the survey.
    What an exciting chance to win fabulous knit related items!

    Reply to Kathleen Curtis
  • Kristin Fitzgerald

    I did both! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Reply to Kristin Fitzgerald
  • Kelly P.

    Hi Marly! Love your podcast! Just answered all the questions. Thanks so much for the giveaway. LOVE all the stuff, and especially the bag!
    Kelly P. 🙂

    Reply to Kelly P.
  • Eliana Bahri

    What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the generosity 🙂
    I have filled out the poll, and I am now on your mailing list.
    Eliana B

    Reply to Eliana Bahri

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