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July 19, 2010

Alice Hoo

(And mind you, this post title doesn’t mean “who is Alice Starmore?” It is a very, very geeky joke, since Sutton Hoo is the location of a massive early medieval treasure hoard).
All that said — my mother found me a giant cache of out-of-print Alice Starmore books at the thrift store this weekend, including the super-coveted Aran Knitting. Until Dover announced it was coming out with newly-revised reprint edition of Aran Knitting, it was selling for $200-300 used on Amazon…and even with that announcement, used copies are still going for almost $90! In addition, when I ran to the store after she called me, I made the UNBELIEVABLE find that is The Scottish Collection… one copy currently for sale on Amazon for $699. Yes, you read that right, six hundred and ninety-nine dollars. Mom missed it on the first pass, it was shoved in a magazine rack.

My infinitely practical boyfriend and mother have already asked if I plan to sell them off. I might sell a few of the other finds (Rowan magazine #2 and other early ones), but Aran Knitting is a book I have wanted for years, so it’s staying with me. Charts for Colour Knitting wants to stay, too. Meanwhile, I’ve got my eyes on knitting a Luskentyre, and I’m waiting for the thrift store to call back. Seems a son is getting rid of all his mom’s knitting books…
When Mom called to tell me what she’d found, I let out a squeal so loud everyone looked over…but fortunately I was at the yarn store, so when I got off the phone and explained, they completely understood. Happiest weekend ever!

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  • Cassie

    Holy cow! That is an excellent score!

    Reply to Cassie
  • Margret

    You´re so lucky, that it is to swim an ocean before breaking in your home.
    Holy cow is just the right wording.

    Reply to Margret
  • StephCat

    OMG. You ‘hear’ about things like this…a friend of a friend sort of thing….wow & congrats!

    Reply to StephCat
  • AudKnits

    What a thrill! Your Mom is a wonderful treasure hunter. I love it when books find their way to just the right person who will appreciate them the most.

    Reply to AudKnits
  • Heather Ordover

    I know that envy is a sin and all…but DAMN GIRL! That’s just too much! Way to go!

    Reply to Heather Ordover
  • tora

    WOW! As a fellow Clevelander, I demand to know where that thrift shop is…lol!

    Reply to tora
  • Camille

    UNBELIEVABLE find, kudos to your mother!!! My library had a copy of Aran Knitting years ago, before I knew how. After I’d learned I looked for it on the shelf and surprise surprise, it had grown legs and walked off, and the library catalog said ‘lost in circulation.’ :-/

    Reply to Camille

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