January 16, 2011

Silk Road Socks is here!

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been a wee bit distracted recently, it’s because I’ve been working on this book by Hunter Hammersen. It’s the latest book from my publishing company Cooperative Press. And now it’s finally done and ready for you to enjoy!

Check out all the patterns here on Ravelry, and bookmark the book’s website (there are some deeeeelightful KALs planned).
I am dying for a pair of these mittens from the new Knitty. More specifically, I am dying to dye some custom yarn for a pair — anyone want to trade custom yarn for knitting? I know deep in my heart I won’t have the time to knit a pair, so any of you knitting speed demons out there who might want to trade, let me know. They’re just gorgeous, and with the right yarn to go in them, well…they’d be spectacular.
And in other news, since the cat is apparently out of the bag, yes, I am teaching at Vogue Knitting Live next weekend. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

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  • Lisa Rogers Lowrance

    I’d be delighted to exchange yarn for knitting mittens! Send me an email. 🙂

    Reply to Lisa Rogers Lowrance
  • Anna

    I would love to knit in exchange for yarn! And these days I have a lot of de-stressing to do and knitting helps, so it would be mutually beneficial.

    Reply to Anna
  • StephCat

    Congrats to you & to Hunter! it looks stunning.

    Reply to StephCat
  • Becca / Nutmegknitter

    I’d be happy to knit up mittens for you – except, um – I’m already supposed to be doing that for you! Well, when you give the go ahead and the pattern 🙂 No rush – I’m still ready when you are! Congrats on “Silk Road Socks” – gorgeous!

    Reply to Becca / Nutmegknitter
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  • Abra Forman

    I’ll be at VK Live too– working at the Fine Points booth! Maybe I’ll see you there!

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