January 7, 2010

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Based on the response to my initial survey about online classes, I’m going to be starting out with four classes: sweater design, fashion illustration for proposals and patterns, felt tricks and Knitgrrl tricks, plus an all day workshop on using sewing patterns or pieces as templates for knit design.

ETA: Classes should start the first week of February, subject to getting everyone enrolled and set up on the software, with the exception of the specific one-day workshops in using sewing patterns as knit templates, which run just for that day.

The classes will be taught using online chat (no particular instant messaging software required, it is built into the website we’re using), video, PDF handouts, and discussions in an online forum where you can also ask questions at any time. The videos are recorded in advance of each class session, though additional videos may be added to answer specific student questions.

Sweater Design

Description: Using Shannon’s ‘treasure map’ technique, which she’s used to teach dozens of knitters how to find their own inner designer, you will learn how to design your own dream sweaters, sized to fit YOU, working with the yarn and knitting techniques you like to use. We’ll primarily examine both top-down raglan and bottom up one-piece fitted sleeve construction, though other construction methods will be discussed if there is interest. Students can knit a miniaturized version of an adult sweater OR a full-sized sweater depending on their preference and personal knitting speed.
You will receive: all necessary handouts for the class, a copy of Shannon’s pattern Exploded View, online support directly from Shannon.
Materials needed: Will be discussed in the first week of class, each student will use their own chosen yarn. If you have no strong preferences, a skein of Cascade 220 is a good starting point.
Week one: Making your map. Elements of a sweater. Measuring and fit. Making gauge work for you. Choosing appropriate styling and features.
Week two: The upper bodice and sleeve cap. Eliminating bulk and creating flattering silhouettes.
Week three: Bust and midsection. Waist shaping. Using cables and other elements for function as well as beauty.
Week four: Sleeves and finishing techniques.
Price: $45
Registration limit: 20

Fashion Illustration

Description: Learn how to draw/create powerful illustrations to accompany your pattern proposals for magazines and books, as well as for your own self-published patterns. Get additional tips and tricks for editorial success from Shannon, who waded through thousands of such proposals as the editor of a monthly UK-based print knitting magazine.
You will receive: all materials needed for class instruction as well as illustration samples you can use for your own proposals if you like.
Materials needed: will be discussed during the first week of class as we explore different types of image creation.
Price: $65
Registration limit: 15

Felt Tricks

Description: Whether you’re a beginning or an experienced felter, learn tips and tricks previously only available in Shannon’s in-person classes. Create a one of a kind hat using multiple techniques and make other projects according to your preferences.
You will receive: a copy of Shannon’s Reboux hat pattern and all materials needed for instruction.
Materials needed: feltable yarn and US #8 12” or 16” circular needle, needlefelting needles (singles and/or Clover needlefelting tool), bubble wrap, cotton waste yarn, wool roving, more… we will discuss during background information the first week of class.
Week one: Felt basics and background. How does it all work?
Week two: Knit and shrink felting.
Week three: Wet and nuno felting.
Week four: Recycled felting and incorporating multiple techniques.
Price: $50
Registration limit: 20

Knitgrrl Tricks

Description: Steeking, provisional cast on, hiding shaping with decorative elements, using needlefelting for practical as well as functional purposes,
You will receive: pattern for class project (a felted bag) and all other instructional materials.
Materials needed: feltable (wool) yarn, US #8 12” or 16” circular needle, cotton waste yarn, 5mm or similarly sized crochet hook, sewing machine (optional), needlefelting needles, buttons and zippers…etc. We’ll discuss this prior to class start date.
Price: $45
Registration limit: 20

Use Sewing Patterns As Knit Templates

Description: An all-day workshop (starting at 11:00 a.m. Eastern and continuing until 11:00 p.m.) with specific chat times and assignments scheduled according to the number of students in each time zone.
You will receive: a print copy of Shannon’s book AlterNation, all PDFs and other learning material.
Materials needed: Denim, corduroy or other similarly-styled jacket (check thrift stores if you don’t have one on hand). Alternately, an old sweater or denim shirt will suffice for practice. Lighter colors are better. Ruler. Pencil or Sharpie. 2 skeins of your chosen yarn.
First session: Saturday 6 February, all day
Second session: Sunday 21 February, all day
Price: $25
Registration limit: 25

To sign up…

…please visit this page.

All registrations prior to 12 January will receive 5% off their class total. All students who register for 2 or more classes will receive 15% off their class total!

Here’s a banner you can use on your website, just link back to this post or http://www.knitgrrlstudio.com/classes/ — thank you.

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  • Vicky

    For the Knitgrrl Tricks class, is there more than one session? Also do you have a start date for any of the classes besides the “Use Sewing Patterns as Knit Templates”? Thanks!!

    Reply to Vicky
  • Post authorShannon

    With the exception of the single-day workshop-style classes, all other classes will go for a minimum of 4 weeks, and are planned to start the first week of February. If after working with the students in the class I determine that more than four weeks are needed to make sure everyone has learned the material to their satisfaction, I’ll carry it forward! My goal is to make sure everyone’s extremely happy with what they receive.

    Reply to Shannon
  • Traci

    Hi Shannon,
    I would like to sign up first for Sweater Design, I would consider myself an advanced beginner (not yet intermediate) Will I be able to keep up in this class? Also, there are like 3 other classes I would like to take, will they be offered again at a later date? This is a great idea! You are wonderful!!!!!!!

    Reply to Traci
  • SassySean

    If you offer Use Sewing Patterns As Knit Templates again please let me know.
    SassySean on Ravelry

    Reply to SassySean

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