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February 3, 2006

Seamless + knits

My friend Xan and I designed a wedding dress with built-in iPod (controlled by touch-sensitive fabric buttons in the sleeve) for Seamless, a “computational couture” show this week at the Museum of Science in Boston. Here’s the dress as photographed by Kate Kunath:

Diana Eng from Project Runway was also in the show, and she’s awesome. Her Mathematical Knits were fascinating! Did you know she’s even been on a show devoted to girls & tech & fashion? Check it out!

Also in the show: Jen Paulousky from Blue Alvarez Designs. (I love her Hot Lava pattern! Someday I will actually have enough time to knit one for myself!) Seems I’m not the only knitter who’s also interested in the sewing side of things…even funnier: we both brought our “mindless knitting” to the show (you never know when you’ll have 5 free minutes to knit), and we were both knitting wraps from hand-dyed Fleece Artist boucle!

All in all, a great show. I’m plotting to knit something for next year’s edition of Seamless, out of something electronic / wild. The ideas are flowing already.

Today I was interviewed by Marie Irshad for Knitcast. If I sound strangely stilted, it’s probably because I could hear myself talking over the headphones as I was responding to questions. This threw me off a bit!

(I have great faith in Marie’s editing abilities, though)

Much more afoot, as ever…will share with you as soon as I can!

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