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November 18, 2011

Sailor's Valentine

This spring, I was in New England giving a presentation to a yarn company, and the flight details just made it easier to stay the whole weekend and go hang out with my favorite aunt, who was housesitting for a good friend of hers. I’d been to his house before, but never overnight. The owner is an artist, and owned an antique/framing shop for years, so it’s completely jam-packed with amazing visuals, as you can imagine, not to mention the house itself is an absolute treasure. Dreaming at night, tucked into my tiny bedroom under the eaves, surrounded by paintings of ships and scrimshaw dresser sets and you name it, I came up with the idea for a pattern collection — then promptly tucked it back into my head. I have no TIME to do a new collection, not with all the other stuff I’ve got going on!
Well, then I made the mistake of talking about it online, and my friends all started chiming in and…this is what happened.
Some inspiration-y stuff below, but you should see the book some time next year.

Sailor's Valentine #3

Sailor’s Valentine #3 by knitgrrl

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