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August 3, 2007


Awww, thanks, Laura! She tagged me as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. But I changed it a little… it seemed apropos.
I finally got to meet Laura in person at the shop when she came over for the Katherine Shaughnessy class a few weeks ago. And now, I’m tagging a few of the members of my fiber-posse, all of whom, of course, rock:

Jillian has to be on there even though she’s not blogged in ages, because she called to invite me to the forthcoming Buffy musical in Ann Arbor. However, I’m going to be on an island in the northern reaches of the Atlantic, and must miss it. Yes, yours truly, the workaholic, is going on…

Sorry, couldn’t resist the Photoshop on that one. Especially since we’ll be on an island.

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  • Laura

    Hee hee … love your Photoshop job. Have fun in the north Atlantic! 🙂

    Reply to Laura
  • Felicia

    Very cute! Have a great vacation.

    Reply to Felicia
  • Orghlaith

    That photo of the Marquis should be on every knitters’ blog. Just to prove that knitters are many and will come together, not just for the Yarn Harlot but for every knit book author. Would you allow me to copy it for my blog banner? And if you have any of the crowd of knitters that come to see you, please may I have a copy too?

    Reply to Orghlaith
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