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October 27, 2011

Rhinebeck post #1 + SXSW

(Why #1? Because there’s definitely more than one post’s worth of stuff to say!)
First, check out some of the preview shots from an upcoming Cooperative Press book that were taken during the show.

I mean come on, how cute is that? (The photo, the fake cow AND Pamela from Flintknits).
Since I got back, I’ve been busy mailing out the Extreme Double Knitting preorders, finishing up Kate Atherley’s spectacular book Beyond Knit and Purl and generally forgoing sleep and sanity to get through my insane to-do list.
Which, product plug product plug product plug, I have started putting into Evernote so I can see it on ALL my devices no matter where I am. I consider this a blessing and a curse. Maybe slightly more towards the curse side, really.
Big news for this week: my SXSW panel Knitting a Long Tail in Niche Publishing was accepted! This means I’m heading back to Austin in March, which delights me to no end. Deep fried avocado tacos — yay! (Don’t make that face at me. They are awesome. Go eat one and then report back — I speak the truth).
The greatest part of Rhinebeck for me this year, photoshoot aside, was that all the CP authors shared a cabin out at a local state park. After we got done in the booth for the day, we were able to go back to a roaring fire, our very own kitchen, and multiple talented cooks on hand. Anna, Heather, Stephannie, Andi and my former student Joelle, who was visiting to model for the shoot (she’s in art school in NYC) — no better cabinmates. And Kate brought butter tarts from Toronto, plus some spectacular coffee called Prince of Darkness. (It tastes like it sounds).
We’re already planning the CP rental for next year…it’s fun to commune with such brilliant company 24-7 for a few days!

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