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August 17, 2007

Revolting technology

What a week. Mobile phone go boom, website go boom — you name it, it went boom! There was some kind of organized rebellion amongst my electronic devices. Then, when I came home to do my podcast (because the ancient mobile phone I’m using ’til the replacement arrives is not a happy camper), internet connection go boom. Here’s the kicker — every single other computer in the house? No problem. Just mine…thus lending credence to my conspiracy theory.

This morning, excerpts from Knitgrrl 2 were featured on both the CRAFT magazine podcast and the MAKE magazine podcast. Yay!

I couldn’t post a reminder to listen to The Knitgrrl Show this afternoon due to website-boom, but it’s up as a podcast now — hear here. You can tell I was a tiny bit stressed due to the Great Technology Rebellion of 2007…sorry!

The hand-dyed yarn is flying out the door, literally and figuratively. Australia, Florida, you name it. I’m going to try to do more before I leave, too. Countdown 2 weeks to vacation, which can’t come soon enough!

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  • Rosemary

    Bummer on all the revolting technology.

    Will you still be in Cleveland on the 27th and 28th or will your vacation have started by then? I may be able to visit your shop and fondle the hand-dyed yarn in person if there is any left.

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  • Weaver

    Wow! Last week I somehow managed to kill the rice maker (after I filled it with water and rice, of course) and the electric griddle (it got warm, I cracked 4 eggs onto it and THEN it quit) and I thought I was having a bad week. Hope all your technology “gets better” soon 🙂

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