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May 31, 2010

Ravelry featured pattern: Karira socks

Say hello to Karira! Designed with my friend and partner in knit-crime Margaret Ruble, these socks are named after the Sanskrit word for ‘bamboo shoot.’ They’re knit in the glorious Lemongrass colorway by Blue Moon Fiber Arts, in Socks that Rock Lightweight. Featuring a linen stitch heel, a leafy lace pattern up the front and several bamboo-like stitch motifs, not to mention what we’re calling “the dragon toe,” Karira is just right for summer sandal time.

What’s the dragon toe, you ask? It’s a leaf-like lace shape over the big toe so you can let your fun summer toenail polish peep through…and get a little extra ventilation. We’re not big fans of summer heat and humidity, and besides, right now I have awesome jade green toenails (Jade is the New Black by OPI).
Credit where credit is due: many thanks to Hunter Hammersen and MJ Kim for initial criticisms and input, and to Kate Atherley and Alexandra Virgiel for technical edits.
I sometimes feel like a broken record, saying this over and over, but technical editors are not only a necessity, they’re invaluable in the final stages of the design process. So let’s call this “Love Your Tech Editor Day.” (I don’t think Hallmark makes cards for that…do they?)
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  • Margaret

    Oh, holy heck, YES. Tech editors saved our lives! Inventing a sock is the easy part. Writing instructions another person can follow? Whooo boy. That’s tough.

    Reply to Margaret
  • breadandroses2

    I love everything about these socks! The cheery colorway and organic stitch pattern. I own several pairs of Margaret Ruble’s handknit socks and they are exquisitely designed, fit comfortably and last. She knows what she’s doing.

    Reply to breadandroses2
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