November 9, 2010

Quote of the day + philosophizin'

“Nobody can be exactly like me. Even I have trouble doing it.”
— Tallulah Bankhead
When people say they don’t know how I [get all this stuff done / do what I do / etc], the smartassed reply is “well, I just do it.” Journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step, and all that. This is an integral part of my philosophy — heck, it informs NaKniSweMo, the project we’re all doing this month. That sweater isn’t going to knit itself (oh how I wish that could be!). And this book isn’t going to design its page layout, and my house isn’t self-cleaning… it all comes down to just making yourself do it.
I’m not saying it’s not difficult. Sometimes I want to do anything but what I happen to be doing at that moment. I don’t want to go to the gym. I don’t want to transcribe this handwritten scribble. I don’t WANT to put on pants and leave the house. But I do.
And that’s how I get things done.
So, how’s NaKniSweMo going for you all? My yarn finally arrived, I cast on, I knit about 1000 stitches… and then had to pull them all out because I managed to twist the cast on. (I don’t even think I twisted it before joining, it looks like I knit into a stitch on the first row at a weirdo angle…out it came). I was so disgusted with myself I couldn’t bear to cast on again until last night. 21 days to go, knitting a plus size. No pressure.
Think I can knit on the treadmill at the gym? I’m starting to wonder.

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  • Kourtney

    Yes. You can knit on a treadmill at the gym, but stick to a quick walk, with a really steep incline to get your cardio up.
    Also, be careful not to drop balls of yarn onto the treadmill, because they will go shooting off behind you, and it can be hazardous to dismount without tangling/tripping/etc.
    And people are going to stare at you. And possibly point.
    The reclining exercycle might be a better bet. Although people will still stare!

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  • Audrey Knight

    I have a friend who says, “The energy is in the JOB!” By that he means the energy should not be going into the dreading/procrastinating/rationalizing that I put into avoiding doing a task, the energy should be expended just doing it.
    Shannon, I feel your pain about the twist. I did the same thing this week, managing to knit about 2″ of ribbing before I realized hmm… something’s not right. Great minds think (knit) alike, perchance?
    I love Kourney’s idea of knitting on the recumbent bike!

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  • Michelle

    I’ve knit on the treadmill as well. If you do it be prepared for stares. Personally I find knitting on the recumbent bike to be much more enjoyable.

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  • hunter

    I can knit while walking (as long as it’s not something that doesn’t need a chart). Though yes, people do stare. I’m considering it an exercise in not caring what other people thing.
    And I’ll trade you a self cleaning house for self cooking dinners. I have no idea how, but planning, shopping for, and executing food is what seems to be the biggest time thief for me. The cleaning is a breeze by comparison.

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  • Ivy

    I do like this–make it work is kind of one of my theories, although I’m also learning when I have to put my foot down and say no, that can’t happen unless something else goes.
    I like Audrey’s comment about the energy being on the job–that’s a big habit I’m breaking. It’s easy to spend so much energy dreading/anticipating that by the time I get to the actual task I feel like I’ve been doing it all day. Nipping that helps.

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