September 8, 2008

Queen Liz (my Ashford Elizabeth 2 wheel) for sale

The Etsy listing is here, but if anyone out there in internetland would like to trade a Strauch drumcarder for her instead, please get in touch! It breaks my heart to let Queen Liz go, but it’s a question of space, and her sisters Joy and Victoria (yes, all my wheels have names) has been getting all the love recently.

I should also add that if you’re in the market for a Louet wheel, I’m a dealer — that new Julia is just yummy. Even Abby says so. One of my students ordered one this week and I can’t wait to play with it. I think I promised to put it together for her just for that reason…

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  • weavingpainter

    Is the Elizabeth 2 spinning wheel still available? I can attempting to contact you through this website as well as through ETSY. I certainly do hope that it is and look forward to hearing from you.

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