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September 2, 2010

Praying to the computer gods DOES help!

Good news, bad news. First, the good: my laptop’s motherboard needs to be replaced. For all of you out there who just gasped and clutched your chair because you know how much that costs (you might as well buy another laptop, generally), guess what? It’s going to be covered even though it’s out of warranty because it’s a known problem with the graphics chipset! And I’ve had that laptop for a few years now…no problems til last week.
Never, ever say to me that Apple does not take amazing care of its customers.
The bad news: she won’t be back for 2 weeks or so, but the mister is loaning me his laptop so I don’t have to use my ancient G4. We may not start the new classes right on time but we won’t be delayed for long, either — I just need to get onto a machine of more modern vintage and pull out my materials so I can prep everything for class.
Just wanted to let everyone know! Also, email replies are still running behind schedule because technically I was supposed to be taking this week off, but you know me…workaholic.

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  • Christy

    Yay! I’m still going strong on my macbook circa 2005. The G4 ibook lives in the shop where Benny works on CAD drawings while he builds skeinwinders.

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