October 12, 2006

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Still sick, and probably infecting half the eastern seaboard, but we’re in the home stretch of the tour! Hurrah! Last night’s event at Knitty City was awesome — it’s such a gorgeous store and Pearl + staff are fabulous. I got to meet Kimberli, who did 2 patterns in Knitgrrl 2, and finally… FINALLY got my hands on some sea silk. More photos and commentary to come, but meanwhile you can check out what I’ve uploaded here. We’re off to Philadelphia later in the morning, so see you at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar this afternoon from 4-6:00 or until they kick us out.

Blog tour is running a day behind thanks to some internet issues I had last night, so click over to Julie today and Amy tomorrow!

Update: only 4 of the 30+ photos I have to upload actually uploaded successfully, and I need to be on a train shortly. Darn it! So I will get the rest onto Flickr tonight…

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  • Kimberli

    Lovely to meet both you and Kim last night!
    Get better soon and cheers to you both for the rest of the tour!
    PS — where did you end up for dinner?

    Reply to Kimberli

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