September 25, 2006

Packing for tour

You’re going on the road for two weeks: how much yarn do you pack?

Pros: you’ll be in a yarn store almost every day
Cons: you can’t be sure they’ll have exactly what you need if you run out


(This conversation sponsored by the Shannon Is Packing Her Spinning Wheel In Her Suitcase And There Is Only So Much Room In There And Oh, Let’s Not Even Discuss Packing Spinning Fiber Foundation).

Of course, if the yarn wins out and I end up wearing the same outfit to all eleven yarn stores, you’ll understand, right?

Speaking of tours: technically I’m doing two at once. The in-person tour, and the blog tour. Mark your calendars — here’s the blog tour dates. And don’t forget — the Spin to Knit secret pal swap registration starts October first. Sign up here.

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  • Marnie

    Oh I’m headed off to India for 2 grueling weeks of hard labor and probably very little fun. I can’t decide what to pack but I know I will miss my wheel and if you think I didn’t consider packing El Matchador with me, you’d be wrong, but the thought of having him lost somewhere between Portland and Mumbai fills me with a kind of dread I can only describe in hyperbole.

    Good luck on your tour. I hope it’s a blast. I’m waiting with bated breath for Panda’s day on DIY.

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