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July 27, 2006


That crackling sound you just heard was my brain. Posting will probably continue to be light in the next week or two, I’m awash in deadlines! Here’s a list to give you an idea of what I’m juggling…

  • I just finished writing 3 spinning-related articles for various fall magazines.
  • The 60 projects for the two Potter Craft books I’m editing have arrived and are being catalogued, poked and prodded to make sure all is well before they go off for their photographic closeup (and yes, I said sixty… you should’ve seen my dining room table before the packages were opened! I’m convinced my mail carrier hates me now).
  • Shot some photos for the sewing book Xan and I are writing this summer. We ran around to various interesting spots to take them, so the backseat of my car is now a portable photo studio.
  • Starting to finish up Crochet Style, for which I wrote the text (it features designs by the lovely Kristina Ramos & Cecily Keim, and tech editing by the lifesaving Julie Holetz). The publisher’s latest unusual request? A scanned copy of my signature, to put under my introduction.
  • Cleaned my studio. I just couldn’t take it anymore! Yarn and fiber duly stored away from curious kitten paws, almost all pieces parts of my 2 Denise needle kits accounted for… and it only took two whole days!
  • Editing Felt Frenzy: the final bits are starting to come together
  • Prepping for our fall book tour: we’re getting all the appearance dates sorted out, so stay tuned, we’ll have full info soon. Or check out the tour’s page on MySpace. Some shops have asked for spinning demos, too, which I’m happy to oblige.
  • Speaking of MySpace: join my spinning group there, if you like
  • Getting materials ready for teaching at this show. Kansas City, here I come! While I’m there, I may also do an event with Nikol Lohr, whose Disgruntled Housewife site I’ve been reading for ages. Not only does she have a very cool new knitting book coming out, but you can even go to her Yarn School shortly before I arrive!

In short, I’ve got a lot on my mind. There are things that make up for it, though. Amy sent chocolate in her latest package (she’s also on the Crochet Style dream team; unbeknownst to me, the publisher hired her to do a final read-through!) and I have the phone number of a massage therapist on speed dial if it comes to that. Last but not least, two people who are making things easier on me by tech editing (and, in the case of the latter, by being the bestest co-author in the world): Kristi and Heather.

I haven’t forgotten about you, dear readers… I’m just busy making more stuff for you to read!

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  • Paula

    I love the book. But I wish it had a boy’s hat. Because my neighbor wants to make one for himself.

    Reply to Paula
  • Post authorShannon

    Actually, Paula, the basic hat in the first Knitgrrl book is great for guys — just leave out the ponytail hole (unless the boy in question has long hair — you never know!). You don’t have to knit the heart pattern on the bottom, it can be plain. I’ve knit several of them for my boyfriend and he loves them.

    Reply to Shannon
  • Sylvia

    Oh — that signature that you scan — make sure it’s REALLY significantly different from the one you use on checks and legal documents!!!

    Reply to Sylvia
  • Paula

    I wanna do an ipod nano cozy with the circular needles, but I don’t have to cast on so many stitches, and it doesn’t make a circle. I’m doing it with circular needles instead of using double pointed needles because it’s kinda hard for me to do it like that. I’m kind of a biginer, so I want to learn easy things first, and the harder. So if you have any suggestions or easier ways please post them. Also do you have any other knitting or crocheting books? Because I love your book.

    Reply to Paula
  • Paula

    In the rocker-girl wristlets, the girl is wearing a bracelet that has two colors dark green and light green. How do I do that? Is it just by changing the color again and again?

    Reply to Paula
  • Paula

    How do you use a stitch marker? Dou you just slip it to your right hand needle and keep knitting? I’m not sure if it’s that way.

    Reply to Paula
  • Paula

    Do you have any book on knitting baby stuff, because my sister has this baby doll and she lovess it she feeds it and everything. In a month it’s her birthday, and she really wants pants for him because she can’t find them in stores. I really want to make her one.

    Reply to Paula
  • Your SP

    Hoo-eee! I’ve got a similar laundry list, but mine is all tech writing. 🙁

    That sounds like a lot, but you can do it. It’s a lot of to-dos, but it’s all about FIBER.

    Reply to Your SP
  • Paula

    Shannon, do you mind if I post some of the designs in your book in my website?

    Reply to Paula
  • Amy

    Anytime, sweetie!

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