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April 23, 2018

On my list for tomorrow…

Tomorrow I’ll be editing, formatting and releasing this GORGEOUS sock pattern. And as per usual, I haven’t gotten around to naming it yet, though my friend and co-conspirator Dani continues to maintain that I should name it Daniella after her.

I also have a sweater pattern to edit and photograph, and I’m waiting on a few more samples to come in which probably should have been here by now.

It’s a busy week here at Knitgrrl HQ. I basically scorched the earth on ALL my websites and have had to rebuild them (so far so good on this one, as well as Knitgrrl Studio, Cleveland Bazaar, Cooperative Press and Shannon Okey dot com). I’m also getting ready to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool with Cooperative Press. There isn’t enough time in a day, I’m calling it now.

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  • Amy

    Glad you’re blogging!

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