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February 16, 2007

Oh, squee!

Spin to Knit was mentioned in a recent episode of Lime & Violet. Copious thanks are due to Amy for pointing this out, as I am buried under final book deadlines and trying not to panic too much.

We’re buried under snow here in the Great Lakes — our SnB even had to postpone its 3-year anniversary party due to an insane storm. I’d post a photo of the 4′-high stacks of snow but it’s nothing but white, white, white. You can imagine it for yourself. My mom made a hilarious miniature video of my dog bouncing in the snow. Maybe I’ll post it if I can figure out how to shrink it a little.

Short bits:

  • An interesting small knitwear company my friend Mati showed me last week.
  • Knitgrrl 2 is being reprinted this week, with corrections to previously-noted errata. Thanks to everyone who’s bought a copy (which = a lot of people, or it wouldn’t be going to reprint)!
  • I spotted Stefanie’s book “in the wild” for the first time while hunting down copies of knit.1 and Adorn mag the other day. (Link is to the cameraphone photo I took for her that she posted on her site)
  • A note to readers: if you like a knitting book, say so! Write a review on Amazon, your blog, a forum, wherever. Preferably all of the above! Believe me, publishers and other readers do pay attention, and it helps your favorite knit designers keep on designing…

I suppose I should be a good girl and get back to finishing this due-soon project, especially since I need to go get a snowblower part later (signs we really have a lot of snow include: “my boyfriend is actually willing to pull out the snowblower”) — more soon!

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