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December 22, 2013

New year, new classes

It’s been a while since I offered classes on my online site but given that I won’t be on the teaching circuit in 2014 as much as I have been for the past 18 months, I thought it would be fun to teach this way again!
I like teaching online because we can get even more in depth, there’s no fear you’re going to forget something or not get a chance to ask the right questions during a short 3-hour class, and I think people learn even better when they have more of a chance to interact with their fellow students.
Joining me in the relaunch of online classes during this session is Andi Smith, author of Big Foot Knits and one of my best friends / knitting gurus. Her first class offering is based on her book (It’s not just for those with big feet like me…we really should have called it All Foot Knits!), and her second class is crochet.
I’m offering just one class to start, but may add additional classes in January after I get back from the American Library Association show!
Class sizes are limited. (And hey, it’s digital. Desperate for a last minute holiday gift? Just sign up using your payment info and send us a note at admin at knitgrrl dot com and we’ll get it sorted).
Classes are starting after January first. We’ll answer questions if possible in the comments here but note that I’m out of office til then so may not respond to email immediately.
Here’s the scoop on how it works. The classes are held online, in an asynchronous format (in other words, you can log on and work at your own pace from wherever you are in the world!). All you need is an internet browser to access class materials, no webcam or special equipment. You have access to class materials, etc even after class ends. Live chats, Google hangouts and other types of communication can be scheduled at teacher’s discretion / as needed.
(Apologies for the third-party-pronoun-ing below, I wanted it to match up with Andi’s descriptions so she could cut and paste to her social media as well!) 😉
Get Published (Shannon Okey)
Cost: $70
Length: at least one month; may vary based on class enrollment and assignment completion speed.
An extended version of the class Shannon has taught at STITCHES and elsewhere for knit designers and other creative people who would like to publish their own work!
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As the owner of Cooperative Press, which has published nearly 30 knitting books since 2010, the editor of Knit Edge magazine, and author of more than a dozen books herself, Shannon has experience in all aspects of the publishing process, from concept development through to editing and publication. She’s spoken at South by Southwest Interactive and O’Reilly’s Tools of Change digital publishing conference on niche publishing. Shannon knows what sells and how you can best get it out into the world for sale, whether traditional or independent publishing; digital, print or both, formats, procedures… everything you need to know to publish successfully. No prerequisites required — even if you haven’t fully thought through what you want to write about yet, we’ll approach this from the ground up and, using Shannon’s own techniques, take your ideas from your head to the page.
Big Foot Knits (Andi Smith)
(Create a custom fitted sock just for you)
Cost: $70
Length: at least one month; may vary based on class enrollment and assignment completion speed.
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Are you tired of knitting socks that fall down, leave red bands around the cuff, squish your toes, wear out too quickly, or just plain don’t fit? Then this is the class for you! With a multitude of handouts, worksheets and examples, Andi will share her methods to creating the perfect, well-fitting sock and you will end the course with a basic template for your own custom sock pattern. This class will cover:
Module 1: Introduction.
* Why we need fitted socks.
* Identifying individual sock problems.
* Overview of what we’ll be covering throughout the class.
Module 2: How to measure gauge.
* Why gauge is the cornerstone of all knitting.
* How to create an accurate gauge swatch.
* How to measure.
* What those measurements mean.
Module 3: How to measure your legs and feet.
* How, where, when and what’s important!
Module 4: Increases and decreases.
* What each different one does.
* When they are most effective.
* Types of shaping within the sock.
Module 5: Toe shaping.
* It’s not just trapezoids anymore!
Module 6: Heels.
* How to create heels that actually fit your shape.
Module 7: Cuffs.
* What stitch patterns to use.
* How to modify cuff shape.
Module 8: How to create your own custom pattern.
* Putting all the components together.
Crocodile Crochet Stitch with Andi Smith
Cost: $30
Length: at least two weeks; may vary based on class enrollment and assignment completion speed.
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In this class, Andi teaches you how to create the crocodile stitch and then takes it one step further with squares, circles and dragon scales and beyond.
Module 1: How to create crocodile stitch
Module 2: How to create other shapes in the same style
Module 3: Everything you need to know to develop your own stitch patterns using this method.

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