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April 14, 2008

New online knitting mag

Knotions. Check it out!

I returned from teaching outside Boston Saturday night bearing really good news — my former housemates successfully bid on a house in Cambridge! Also, I had a chance to sit down and talk to my friend (and former Secret Pal, not to mention professional bellydancer!) Jess about the DVD project. Thanks for all your input so far. Things are clicking away on our end, so feel free to continue commenting on this post or email me with any suggestions, comments or ideas.

Speaking of ideas: spotted on Dr. Girlfriend Knits, a Kauni Clapotis in the making. As probably the last person on earth who has not knit a Clapotis, and the bearer of 2 giant balls of rainbow Kauni, this is appealing. Also, my boyfriend calls me Dr. Girlfriend, so it made me laugh to see the domain is a knitting blog.

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