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July 1, 2002

Needlecraft is addictive

As I’ve said before, I used to do a lot of needlepoint. I stopped when I realized there were only so many needlepoint pillows one person could have. Liz Maryland of Crafty Bitch has made me want to take it up again with her link to the Uncharted Territory catalog. They’ve got all kinds of proper art translated into needlepoint charts. Old Masters, Impressionists, medieval tapestries, Muchas…

I also recently found a computer program that will take images and transform them into stitch patterns, for knitting and needlepoint both. They even make a Macintosh version — happy happy joy joy! — which means it will be that much harder to keep myself from doing something like this. (click on the Bosch painting at right).

If only I could forego sleep or looking for a job in favor of projects!

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