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August 15, 2012

My brain hurts just to think of it…

Have you seen this wondrous Kaffe Fassett throw for Rowan?
Whew. Ok, so what have I been up to since last I posted? SO MUCH STUFF. Was kicked out of my office for over a week while workmen fixed the concrete header over our window. Apparently it was the worst one they’ve seen yet, and that’s saying something, since this building is about 100 years old. Though it was annoying (and now there is a thin layer of concrete dust on EVERYTHING, necessitating a major clean-and-rearrange session I haven’t managed to do yet), at least it means it won’t fall on our heads someday.
(Which is more than I can say for my knit sample shelf, which DID fall and nearly took off my HEAD in the process!)
Knit Edge issue one is well underway and it is so GOOD, you guys. Oh, man. Trust me. You want a subscription…and not just because we’re doing a really cool subscribers-only giveaway this issue.
I just got back from Stitches Midwest, where we launched Audrey Knight’s new book from Cooperative Press, Reversible Scarves: Curing the Wrong Side Blues. Even if you don’t like to knit scarves, there is such a huge variety of techniques for reversible fabrics presented in easy-to-learn form that I am quite sure many of you clever people will apply them to other projects. If any of you feel like making me a reversible black cardigan for this October, go right ahead! 😉
(I’ve looked at my travel schedule for October and it is INTENSE. Some would say “insane.” Teaching at Stitches East, Felt School, vending at Rhinebeck and Vogue Knitting Live…I’m all over the place!)
I had really great students at Stitches Midwest (hi Anna!), and I took second place in the teacher contest (congrats to Drew, who won, and yay to Marly, who took third)! The hotel was fabulous, the booth was fun (I’ll post more photos when I get a chance, probably to the Cooperative Press blog). I scored some Malabrigo in the Archangel color way and cast on for a cardi, only to find that dear Audrey has already been making me a scarf from her book in that colorway. Quelle coincidence…love it!
So, you know…the usual. Busy, crazy, and crazy busy! More to come soon, I haven’t forgotten you all by a long shot!

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  • Anna

    Thanks for the shoutout! It was awesome taking the Get Published class with you. My mind is still reeling from everything that happened over the weekend – I filled a sketchbook with designs and there is this thing called math that is flitting across the page as I figure things out. You were very helpful and inspiring!

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