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November 9, 2005

More knitting for dogs with…Knitting For Dogs!

I own several knitting-for-dogs books, if you haven’t guessed by now. It seems many concentrate on tiny dogs (Jill Eaton’s PuppyKnits is an example of this), so if you don’t own a dachshund or a pug, you’re out of luck. What’s different about Kristi Porter’s Knitting For Dogs is the wide range of pattern sizes, plus information on how to custom-fit items to your dog. Good news for the big dogs of the world!

The photos are adorable, the patterns are great, and even if your dog hates sweaters, there are knitted accessories for you to make, too. (You can’t lose!) My dog’s a big fan of tugging toys, so I’ll knit another one of those soon. Using patterns from this book has given me a base for customization (using different yarn or pattern stitches, etc)…a canvas to paint on, if you will.

Heather Brack, whose patterns you’ve seen in Knitgrrl, has patterns in Knitting For Dogs, too. Her “dog poncho” (not actually a poncho) was actually an inspiration for the Canine Capelet I did on Knitty Gritty last month! If you’re tired of knitting human-sized sweaters, have fun with canine fashion — that’s what I always say!

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