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October 28, 2008

Monkey see, monkey DIE!

Yes, this post is about knitting.

I have been working on this new pattern for a lotus-shaped bag. When the first sample was knit up, inside out, I realized it looked like some horrifying giant squid or other denizen of the deep (or Cthulhu, for that matter). A normal person thinks this, then moves on. Me, I grab one of Tamas’ toy monkeys and…

(And yes, we have toy monkeys around the house. Come on, he draws El Gorgo! What do you expect?)

The real pattern is not H.P. Lovecraftian in the least, I fear. Though I suppose you could do just about anything with it if you wanted.

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations on Yarn Forward — it’s exciting stuff!

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  • andi

    hey, any chance I could see a photo of Spank wearing this as a hat?

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