May 22, 2006

Michigan + more

Knitgrrl 2 was reviewed on a European website recently — thanks, Eveline! (the Dutch version of the review is here)

I was in Michigan for the past two weekends, and got to see Jillian both times — hurrah! At left, here’s Jillian and me at the Ann Arbor Book Festival.

Despite the pouring, freezing rain, we soldiered on. Local booksellers told me they were having a hard time getting copies of Knitgrrl 2, which I found puzzling. What, is there a nationwide shortage or something? Also, I ran into a yarn rep I know who said “hey, I saw the two new sweaters you designed for Lana Grossa.” Me: “???” (Given that they’d only been in Lana Grossa’s hands a very short period of time) But no, she even had photos from their photo shoot with her…too bad we didn’t cross paths again that day, I’m dying to see them on the models.

Next up: the Big Girl Knits launch at ThreadBear Fiber Arts in Lansing.

First, Amy and Jillian show off with a reader. That tank top is most excellently shaped, I must say.

(There’s another photo that features Amy and Jillian pretending to hoist this same dear reader’s chest — for that one, you’ll have to go to Flickr — link to come shortly).

Humorous snacks were provided in the form of cupcakes shaped like the boob-belly-butt (3B) icons from the book, and Amy brought tasty tartlets from the good grocery in Toronto. If I’d have thought of it in advance, I’d have asked her to bring some Canadian Coca-Cola to restock my supply. I tell you — the real sugar makes a huge difference in taste! I’m still hoarding cans from the last time I was visiting Knitty HQ, in October 2005.

Next, Amy gives me a look because she knows I’m employing my tried-and-true “distract Amy in order to get a good photo of her” technique.

And finally, wow, the largest book cover on earth! This is in front at ThreadBear Fiber Arts…as if you couldn’t figure it out from the sign.

Ok, I promised a Flickr link and here it is — more photos from both the Ann Arbor Book Festival and ThreadBear. Even though it seems crazy to drive all the way to Lansing to spend a few hours with A & J, it’s so totally worth it. I love spending time with them and catching up & swapping dirt.

Also, the sheer size of ThreadBear means that even I cannot help but go home without some new bit of yarn…this time, some Jamieson’s, a bit of Cascade and a skein of Jo Sharp. All three were muted plummy/lavender shades. I think I know what it’ll be, but I haven’t started it yet. I’ve got some sketching and other things to do for various book projects first.

After we left ThreadBear, Heather and I stopped at Zingerman‘s on the way home. Whereas “hey honey, check out the new yarn I got!” will not get the desired effect from my boyfriend, “hey honey, check out the chocolate cheesecake I brought you” always will…


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  • lauragayle

    LOVE the photos! Especially the child wallowing in roving. Looks like a great time was had by all!

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