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January 22, 2008

Memorable knitblog posts?

Given the simultaneous rise of both blog culture and knit-culture as a whole, what are some of your most memorable knitting blog posts? Which blogs, bloggers or posts have influenced you in some way, inspired you, caused a ruckus when you discussed them at your knitting group, etc? What knitalongs made you want to jump in immediately and why?

One post that comes to mind for me is Stop Insulting My Grandmother, on the Rosie’s Yarn Cellar blog. And thinking back — way back — I can remember Dangerous Chunky and some of the earliest knitblogs influencing my thoughts about knitting and life in general. Jenna wrote about some of the earliest knitblogs here recently, including her own. Anonymous blogs such as You Knit What? also had a ripple effect on the knit-blogosphere, if only to give everyone something to talk about, good or bad.

So — what about you? What’s really stood out for you in terms of content on the knitblogs over the past 6 or 7 years? Under the wide category of “knitblog,” let’s also consider forums such as Knitter’s Review and Lime and Violet, and any other independent knitting-focused website.

(Thinking about Knitter’s Review, for example, reminds me of the infamous, all-caps outburst by a certain yarn company owner who shall remain nameless here, and who pretty much demonstrated in stark black and white why so many yarn shops stopped carrying his product even though it’s in much demand).

Links, please, if you have them. Let’s discuss!

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  • Joanne

    Weird that you’re writing about this today. I’ve given you an award on my blog. I am influenced by you!

    Reply to Joanne

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