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December 10, 2009

Meet Satomi

This is the pattern I was talking about yesterday, the one that caused the Malabrigemergency. Satomi is a woman’s name in Japan: in Japanese 聡 (sato) “wise” + 美 (mi) “beautiful,” or so my sources tell me.

(The implication, of course, is that this sweater is both clever and good-looking. Just wait til you see it finished!)

Yes, I am wearing Brandywine in the photo! Bad hair day plus astonishingly strong winds = great day for a hat, if you ask me. Seen in the background of the shot, two posters: Craftifesto and one from the Stitch show in Austin.

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  • Amber

    Well, it sure looks beautiful. One of my favorite fortune cookies had the phrase : In Youth and Beauty, Wisdom is Rare.

    I took it the good way and accepted the compliment from the fortune cookie gods 😉 But the name of this sweater reminded me of it!

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