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June 11, 2004

Lucy roving

Some time ago, my knitting teacher / fiber enabler Lucy at Mind’s Eye Yarns gave me this roving she’d dyed that went all felt-y on her. I tried to spin it then, but it was just too tough. A long timeout in my stash made it rethink its ways and loosen up. The only parallel I can think of is boiled meat – if you cook it too long, it gets really tough, but if you keep on cooking it, eventually the protein fibers relax and it just falls apart. Same with this roving. I suppose it makes sense; after all, wool is protein fiber, too! So I pulled it apart into smaller strands to spin it last night. Here’s the result:

It’s gorgeous. I’m going to put some of it into the group sweater, for sure. And now, a photo of my Hopi red dye amaranth (the tall reddish purple stuff in the middle, it’s surrounded by purple ruffled coleus and chartreuse sweet potato vines). Can you imagine how great the dye will be?

Coming up soon near Cleveland: the Lake Metroparks LFP Fiberfest. I’ll be there taking some classes and getting my yarn fix.

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